The first few days of a project are the most exciting. I put a lot of time and effort into it, but after a couple weeks, that enthusiasm naturally wanes, especially if I’m not making fast progress. Are you facing the same loss of focus on learning English? Here are six tips to help you stay motivated to learn English. 


1.Set realistic goals

Many learners have big plans for learning but being too ambitious can cause them to give up. Start small and focus on something you can realistically accomplish soon and think of ways to measure your progress on that task. A reasonable short-term goal might be to master the simple past tense or understand a short YouTube video about a familiar topic. Don’t expect to lose your accent or read a whole novel without looking up any words in a dictionary in just a few weeks. The more achievable the goal, the more likely you are to find success, which will keep you moving on to the next goal. 


2. Make learning part of your daily routine

If you have time and money to hire a private tutor, this will produce the best results. If not, dedicate 30 minutes to an hour per day to independent language practice. Split your time between different skills. Set a timer and write as much as you can. Read an article or part of a book that is at a level that is only slightly challenging. Watch a video or listen to a podcast while reading the text transcript. As you get used to using your second language daily, you will see constant progress. 


3.Track your progress

Schedule regular tests to see how much you are improving. You can find free tests online that will tell you your results right away. Keep track of how you are doing on each test. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Writing everything down will help you to feel more in control of your goals.  If you find that you aren’t making much progress, you might need to hire a tutor or plan extra time for studying and practicing. 


4. Find a buddy

Meet someone online or in real life who is learning the same language as you. Then make a deal to encourage each other and discuss your progress. You will be less likely to skip a day if you know your buddy is waiting to check in with you. You can also share resources and help each other. Join a discussion club session on Talentingo to connect with other English learners in your industry. 


5. Combine the new language with another hobby you already like

For example, if you love yoga, try following a yoga video in the target language. Or if you enjoy hiking, download a podcast in the target language to listen to on the trail. 


6.Switch up your learning approach by using different materials

Bookmarking the Talentingo blog is a great way to start. You can also get new daily learning content produced by the Talentingo team by following us on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.  


Bonus Tip: Plan a trip to an English-speaking country or search for jobs you’d like to have that require better English skills. Creating a clear vision of how you will use English will help you push yourself to stay focused.

And of course, never stop reminding yourself of the end goal of using English, not just learning English to learn it. Remember the steps you’ve taken to achieve other goals in your life and find ways to apply the same strategies.


Take your professional English even further by booking a lesson with one of Talentingo’s expert English coaches. You can find a coach from the US or UK with experience or education in your career industry (business management, healthcare, or technology.) Joining Talentingo will also connect you to a career community where you can access discussion club sessions centered on topics relevant to your job. The Talentingo team is at your service as you improve your English for a career breakthrough, work remotely effectively, and integrate into your new community in the US or UK.

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