Coach Community Guidelines

  1. Aim for professionalism and respect in all interactions on the Talentingo platform. 
  2. Keep all communication and monetary transactions within the Talentingo platform. Failure to comply will result in deactivation of the coach’s profile. 
  3. Obtain written consent in order to share information or recordings of a learner through any form of media or non-secure data system.
  4. Hate speech and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated. 
  5. Cultural sensitivity is of the utmost importance. Avoid statements promoting a particular religion, nation, political viewpoint, or cultural practice over another. Objectivity and impartiality is expected.
  6. Avoid rescheduling and canceling when possible. Excessive or unnecessary cancellations hurt the reputation of the coach and the Talentingo platform.
  7. Be on time for lessons and teach the full lesson time. In cases of back-to-back bookings. Coaches may leave the first lesson up to 3 minutes before the scheduled end-time in order to log into the next class on time. Longer breaks should be planned as unopened slots by the coach upon opening the weekly schedule. 
  8. Respond to messages from learners in a timely manner. If the coach does not wish to work with a particular learner, the coach should simply state that the arrangement is not the best fit and hide their coach profile. In cases of abuse, refer to the Participant Protection Policy. 
  9. Do not make disparaging comments to learners about the Talentingo platform or personnel. Reports or evidence of inappropriate statements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  10. Unwelcome comments or behaviors of a romantic or sexual nature directed at any member of the Talentingo will result in immediate deactivation of the coach’s profile. 
  11. Coach’s attire should present a positive, clean, respectful image in accordance with cultural norms in the United States. There is no official dress code. Casual clothing, such as a t-shirt, is acceptable.
  12. Provide a well-lit, quiet, environment for class supported by reliable high-speed internet that is free from interruptions and distractions. Using a headset is recommended best practice.