How do I create and upload my profile video?

How do I create and upload my profile video?

Your profile video is a way for you to entice learners to book a lesson with you. You should include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Hometown and current location 
  3. Highlights of your business management, healthcare, or technology work experience and/or education. No need to give your whole resume because you can include more details in the text of your profile.
  4. A couple of personal details are a nice touch, but optional. We recommend mentioning your hobbies or something that makes you stand out. 

Your profile video does not need to have any bells and whistles. Your face against a neutral or tidy background with minimal editing is all that’s needed. If you would like, you may add subtitles or background music. If you record your video using a smartphone, please use horizontal mode. The Talentingo embedder does not process vertical videos well. 

Once you have created your profile video, upload it to YouTube. Select “public” or “unlisted” and copy the link. 

Then paste the link under the “embed” option. Uploaded videos don’t work very well with the Talentingo system and may not display correctly in the coach directory.

If you need support with uploading and embedding your profile video, Hayley would be happy to help you with this step. Just reach out to