How do I open slots? 

Opening slots is easy once you’ve done a little initial setup and you’ve gotten the hang of it. 

Step 1:

Set up the services you can offer. Choose your career industry and corresponding lesson types and set your prices.

Remember to fill in both fields to ensure that learners will be able to pay using their preferred method. For tips on pricing your service types, read this.

Set up one-to-one lesson and discussion club session services. Don’t forget to click “save”! 

There is also a field to add your slot price that will appear on your profile. Please fill in your one-to-one slot price here and click “save.” 

Step 2:

Go to “Manage Slots” click “add slots” at the top.

Then select the date(s) and times you are available. You can choose a range of dates or single dates. Always select 1-Hour sub-slot duration. (Full-slot will result in one learner unintentionally booking you for the entire time frame you’ve entered. You certainly don’t want to commit to a 3+ hour lesson.😉)



***Be aware that the bookings system cannot recognize when slots are overlapping. If you schedule multiple slots of the same or different service types at the same time on the same day, you are risking being double-booked.***

Select the service type for the slot(s).


For one-to-one lessons, leave the number of seats at 1. For a discussion club session, we recommend setting the number of seats to 5.


Now click “add slots.”

Step 3:

Wait!! There’s more. Don’t forget to click the “save slots” button. 

After you’ve clicked it, the slots you’ve entered will be assigned appointment ID numbers and will appear on your calendar. 

Step 4:

Keep an eye on your inbox and check back on our account regularly to keep track of your bookings. We recommend removing any open slots as the time approaches if you don’t want to be booked on short notice. For more information about removing slots, read this.