How do I set up a trial lesson coupon code?

What are the steps to add a trial lesson coupon code to my coach profile?

Adding a trial lesson coupon code to your profile can attract new learners to book an initial lesson. You are not required to participate in this promotion, but it is highly encouraged. It’s easy to get started. Email Hayley at and mention:

  1. Your Talentingo coach name
  2. The percentage discount you would like to offer (25%, 50% etc.)
  3. Specify if you would like to add an expiration date or offer the promotion indefinitely. 

We will set up the rest and publish your coupon code to your profile and display a trial lesson badge next to your photo. The coupon is only valid for one-to-one lessons and can be used once per learner. You can change your coupon offer or discontinue it at any time by emailing

Coaches who participate in the trial lesson are entitled to some perks. Any lesson booked in conjunction with a trial lesson coupon code will have a reduced commission rate (12% instead of 18%.) Coaches who participate will also be more prominently featured in future ad campaigns and on Talentingo’s social media pages. 

Contact us with any questions about this promotion. 

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