Learner Community Guidelines

  1. Respect your coach by booking only the lessons you plan to attend. Booking lessons as placeholders and later canceling hurts your coach’s business and may result in a loss of trust. 

2. Obtain written consent before distributing, posting or sharing a recording of a lesson. Any materials shared by your coach or the Talentingo platform are meant for your personal use only and should not be redistributed, sold, or reproduced.


3. Hate speech and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated.


4. Unwelcome comments or behaviors of a romantic or sexual nature directed at any member of the Talentingo community will result in immediate deactivation of the learner’s profile.


5. Conduct all payment transactions through the approved Talentingo credit system. Attempting to organize payment to a coach through external channels will result in deactivation of your learner account and profile.

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