Technology is such a big part of all of our lives. (You wouldn’t be here reading this blog if it weren’t for the digitally connected world.) Are you making the most of the digital resources at your fingertips to help you learn English? I don’t mean the obvious tricks like taking lessons or using a self-study app. Of course, learning English with your personal English coach on Talentingo is the best option, but let’s think about some ways you can use technology to practice on your own when you don’t have time for a lesson. 

  1. Practice your pronunciation using speech-to-text. All you need is a smartphone and some ideas. Think of a topic you’d like to talk about. Open your speech-to-text app and start speaking. Check the output of the app to let you know if the program can understand your pronunciation clearly. If there are any words that are coming out wrong, you can make a list and consult your teacher or an online dictionary.

  2. Download a free hidden object game to help you build your vocabulary. You will be given an image with a list of things to find and click. You can use trial and error if you don’t recognize some of the words on the list. Using vocabulary to accomplish a task and associating new words with pictures will help you to remember them. 

  3. Follow language learning accounts and influencers who speak the target language on social media. This will give you opportunities for more exposure to the language you want to learn while you’re scrolling and relaxing. If you’re learning English, follow Talentingo on Instagram and Facebook. We post free English-learning content to help our community of language learners every day. 

  4. Download or stream podcasts or audiobooks in the target language about a topic you care about. Listening is a great hands-free way to immerse yourself in the target language while you’re busy with other tasks. Take it one step further by writing down the key points you remember after listening and check your comprehension by looking at the written transcript. If you find it difficult to keep up with the speaking speed, many audioplayers allow listeners to slow down or speed up the audio.

  5. Use a writing app like Grammarly. Paying attention to the suggestions can point you to areas where you can focus your self-study time to improve your grammar and vocabulary. If you are studying a language other than English, there are also text-checking apps available for free. 
We hope these tips will help you to optimize and maximize your learning by integrating technology into your study strategies. Register and book your first one-to-one lesson and discussion club session with a Talentingo coach today to learn even more efficiently. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok for more English-learning content. 

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