Welcome to the Talentingo Community! (ALL COACHES MUST READ THIS!)

Talentingo is a coach marketplace startup founded by three women with a vision to help immigrants and overseas professionals get ahead in their careers through industry-targeted language learning. Our learner base will grow to include international students and graduates as the reach of the platform expands. The goal is to create realistic yet innovative learning models and employ immersive methods and personalized lessons with specialized instructional materials that target each learner’s core unique challenges and aspirations. English is the flagship language, but other languages will follow through expansion. The optimal end result for learners will be to use language to achieve career goals, not language learning in and of itself. Coaches should focus on real-world applications for learning and task-based activities. 



You are getting in on the ground floor of an innovative, new language platform. There are many benefits to being an early adopter, but there are also some challenges. As the platform launches, there will be a limited number of learners. The Talentingo marketing team is hard at work reaching out to potential learners. We are actively advertising online and building awareness for our platform on social media. It may take time to get your first bookings. The other side of this constraint is that there are also a very limited number of coaches. You have been handpicked by the Chief Academic Officer to be one of the first coaches in your industry sector. As a result, you will face little competition on our platform. 



Talentingo is in the first stage of development. The system launches as a minimal viable product (MVP) meaning that it has only basic features. This approach allows us to keep overhead and commission rates low. You will also be able to voice your opinion and contribute to building an efficient and user-friendly platform to meet the needs of learners and coaches alike. In exchange for the pivotal role you will play in the early stage of our startup, we will reward you for your support and patience. Keep an eye on your inbox for emails detailing incentives for coaches.