Which video-conferencing platform does Talentingo use?

Which video-conferencing platform does Talentingo use?

The Talentingo platform includes Zoom integration for instructors who own a license. If you do not own a license and you do not wish to buy one, you are welcome to use a free alternative. We recommend Google Meet. Although the integration is not available now, you can manually create the Google meeting and share the link with the learner(s) via private message and by pasting the link in the “notes” section.

To access the “notes” section, find the booking in the appointments tab and click the arrow.


Then click “edit appointment.”

After you’ve pasted the link, click “confirm booking.”


The learner(s) will receive an email following this action. In the case of multi-seat discussion club bookings, only share the link after at least 2 learners have signed up. It’s a good idea to message learners before the lesson or club session to confirm that they have access to the link to join.